Hey there, State Radio Fans,

As we already pronounced a couple of weeks ago, we now present you the State Radio Interview in video format. On the 28th of September in 2007 we (Sascha Knapek and me, Christian Scholz) met Chuck, Chad and Mike in Cologne and asked them every question you gave us in the Redlettertribe- and patchmusic-forum. With this video footage, the following movie originated Ė we hope youíll like it! I also wanted to say, that Iím sorry for the bad audio quality of the stuff we filmed of Mike and Chuck on the stage, but my microphone seems to screwed it up. I tried my best to fix it with some audio tools.

The format is the usual 4:3. Itís in PAL (25 fps) and I used the DivX Codec for compression. So if you have any problems, by watching this film, please get the newest DivX Player at Sascha also put the interview down to paper, so I made a german and an english subtitle file, so itís no problem for you, if you donít understand the guys.

We hope youíll like it Ė if you have any problems or suggestions, please use the Patchmusic forum or mail at We also hope, that we didnít break any copyright or law and hope that we brought everybody up on the credits. If not, we really apologize on that point.

Sascha Knapek Ė Operational and organizational structure of the interview

Christian Scholz Ė Filming the interview and making this movie

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