Dispatch is coming to Europe 29.05.2014 by Christian
If you're living in Europe and really want to see Dispatch - you can go to Germany or Switzerland to see Chad, Brad and Pete:

16. & 17.06.14 A-Graz @ PPC
18.06.14 CH-Zürich @ Komplex Club
20.06.14 D-Neuhausen Ob Eck @Southside Festival
22.06.14 D-Scheesel @ Hurricane Festival

Videos of the Livingroom Concert 26.05.2014 by Christian
Videos of the Livingroom Concert:

Chadwick Stokes Living Room Concert 18.03.2014 by Christian
Yesterday we went to Chadwick Stokes Living Room Concert in Hamburg. Right now, we're working on a film and getting it all together from several sources. Expect some live-footage, photos and a small journal about the concert. If you filmed at a Living Room Concert as well, we appreciated if you send us your footage via WeTransfer, DropBox,...

And if you feel bored at home, while waiting, you can still watch the old stuff :)
link SR Interviews

New Pete Francis record for free 17.05.2013 by Christian
You can now here and download the new Pete Francis record for free. If you like it, you can pay him some bucks.
link Pete Francis

Rabbit Inn Rebellion - Album Review 13.10.2012 by Rici
We get the chance from Nettwerk to get our hands on the new State Radio album "Rabbit Inn Rebellion" before it's official release date on the 19th october. Christian wrote down his impressions of the new album in this review.

And here are the upcoming tour dates for Germany:

08.03.2013 München – Backstage Halle
09.03.2013 Stuttgart – Universum
10.03.2013 Frankfurt – Batschkapp
12.03.2013 Köln – Gloria
13.03.2013 Bochum – Zeche
14.03.2013 Hamburg – Knust
15.03.2012 Berlin – Franzz Club
link Rabbit Inn Rebellion Review

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